Cryosurgery / Morton's neuroma

Our Centre specialises in the use of cryosurgery for the treatment of a range of foot conditions, particularly Morton’s neuroma and we have a dedicated web site on this condition (

Cryosurgery can however be used to effectively treatment a range of nerve related condition of the foot and ankle and we would encourage patients to contact us if they present with any type of nerve related condition of the foot so that we can advise as to whether cryosurgery may be suitable.

Below are some examples of conditions that can effectively be treatment with cryosurgery:


This common form of heel pain is one of the most common conditions encountered at our Centre. Most patients respond to non-invasive care which is usually based on the results of gait analysis. When patient fail to respond to shockwave therapy, physiotherapy/ gait re-education and orthoses then radiofrequency and cryosurgery can often be effective. The procedure involves targeting the small nerves around the heel bone following a local anaesthetic injection. It requires a small 2-3mm incision with minimal discomfort and a rapid recovery although, due to the nerve repair process it can take 2 months before it can be determined whether the procedure has been effective.


Cryosurgery can be very effective in desensitising nerves that have become damaged due to injury. Many of the nerves of the foot are relatively superficial and can easily become damaged when the foot suffers a contusion or laceration. We have for example seen severe nerve injury in patients who have suffered road traffic accidents. Such nerves often only have a sensory function (they don’t influence movement) and desensitisation with cryosurgery can therefore safely and dramatically reduce pain and distress.


Corns under the foot can result in considerable pain when associated with a build up of nerve tissue under the corn. Such corns are often referred to as neurovascular corns. The base of the corn can be exposed to cryosurgery which can result in significant pain relief. This effect may be permanent.

For detailed information on Morton's neuroma, please see our dedicated website:

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