Colin Lewin, Head Physiotherapist, Arsenal Football Club

"Ron McCulloch and Nutan Shah have treated many of our players over the years and I can certainly recommend them as specialists in the management of foot and lower limb pathology. Their advanced biomechanical assessments and computerised gait analysis results in an improved understanding of the factors that lead to injury, so allowing for a more refined and accurate treatment approach.

The London Podiatry centre offers the full spectrum of surgical and non surgical treatments and provides the total package of care for patients who present with foot related conditions"

Colin Lewin of Arsenal Footbal Club with Arsene Wenger

Linda Hawkins, Bunion surgery patient, 2009

"If asked for a one-line to describe my surgery at the London Podiatry Centre, all I could say is that 'it's a breeze'. The op took about an hour and the surgeon would not start my op until he was 100% satisfied the anaesthetic had worked and that I couldn't feel a thing. There was no need for general anaesthetic and it was so lovely to get home quickly - no waiting on hospital trolley to go back to a ward, no noisy ward when all you want to do is sleep. I received a phone call the next afternoon; the Podiatry Centre wanted to see how I was. How nice is that?"

Benjamin Hope, Marathon runner, 2012

A week before travelling to Kenya for a month of altitude training, I was unable to run at all thanks to a bout of swelling and inflammation in the sheath of my left peroneus longus tendon. Ron was able to accurately diagnose and treat me immediately with an ultrasound guided cortisone injection which allowed me to resume training as soon as I got to Kenya. I proceeded to run 100 miles a week for the whole trip, completely pain free. Thanks Ron!

Emma, Foot surgery patient, 2012

I would like to say a big thank you to Ron, having had my surgery at the end of January. I am so pleased with the results, no more pain and for the first time since I was twelve, I can wear sandals. I would also like to say, how nice all the staff were and the after care I received was fantastic. Ron's wife was accommodating and made me feel at ease when I was feeling anxious throughout my surgery.

I think Ron is a fantastic surgeon and I am one happy patient, I have had no problems what so ever and no pain throughout the surgery.

Mrs Valerie North, 2012

Dear Mr McCulloch,

Three years ago, at the age of 67yrs, you performed a surgical correction on my right foot (scarf akin osteotomy). As you are aware, it takes some considerable time before the benefit of such surgery can be fully appreciated. This letter, Mr McCulloch, is to tell you how grateful I am to have at least one normal looking foot and to say how amazed I am that I can do everything on this foot, I would want or need to, including flexing it when exercising, without any pain or discomfort. I should also add, that the intermittent pain I was experiencing before the operation seems to have disappeared, thus the operation is a total success! I am extremely grateful to you.

Once again, thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Valerie North

Colin Lewin of Arsenal Footbal Club with Gael Clichy

Colin Lewin of Arsenal Football Club with Gael Clichy