Podiatric treatment of sports injuries
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Sports injuries

The London Podiatry Centre has been the sports injury centre of choice for several London Premiership football teams since 1991. The Centre's clinicians also provide expert advice to athletic footwear manufacturers and elite athletes from the worlds of golf, dance, running, rugby and tennis.

It is a simple fact that men and women who enjoy sports - whether professional or amateur - suffer more foot-related sports injuries. Running can increase the pressure on the foot by three or four times body weight. The twisting, jumping and physical collisions common in many sports place even greater stresses on the feet and biomechanical system. The cause of many sports injuries is a gradual or sudden change to the body's biomechanics.

The London Podiatry Centre specialises in biomechanics. It is the only podiatric clinic in the UK to employ Vicon, the world's most advanced optical motion capture system for biomechanical assessment.

By correctly diagnosing the cause for a condition by means of biomechanical and gait analysis we can then adopt treatment strategies to resolve the condition. The centre has an extensive range of treatment modalities including specialist rehab techniques, orthotic intervention, ultrasound guided injections, cryosurgery and surgery.