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3D analysis

The Centre provides three dimensional analysis for those patients who require the most advanced form of gait investigation currently available. Professional athletes or those patients with complex injuries are routinely tested to provide definitive data on their walking and running.

The centre uses a state of the art Vicon motion capture system.

On the right is a video which shows how the centre managed to correct a patient's limp by means of a specialised ankle brace. 3D Vicon technology has been used to assess the patient. The yellow figure is the patient without the brace. Superimposed on the same video sequence is the same patient with the brace, this time in red. Note how the patient walks far more normally with the brace. This treatment has enhanced the patient's quality of life allowing her to walk pain-free for much longer distances!

Video showing improvement in patient gait after treatment as seen using the Vicon 3D computerised gait analysis system

Vicon marker placement on the foot

Vicon markers

Typical image produced by Vicon system

Vicon imagery