Gait Analysis
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Gait Analysis

The London Podiatry Centre has one of the most advanced dedicated podiatric gait facilities anywhere in the world today.

We have a whole website dedicated to our Gait Analysis services and facilities at

Whilst the Centre's 3D Vicon system is more commonly seen in university research facilities and special effect movie sets, it represents one of our most important diagnostic services.

Many injuries and conditions that are encountered occur as a consequence of an inherent abnormality in walking and it is only after diagnosing such deviations in normal "gait" that an accurate and highly specific treatment plan can be created.

Gait abnormalities occur in all manner of individuals but several key areas where we use our system extensively include:

  1. conditions which are likely to have occurred as a consequence of biomechanical imbalances as noted during the initial assessment;
  2. the analysis of children with walking abnormalities;
  3. those individuals with complex injuries which have not responded to other treatments;
  4. professional and recreational athletes of all standards who are prone to injury.

Gait analysis can be divided into several components and these include:

  1. 2D analysis - where cameras are used to observe changes in walking without undertaking specific measurements
  2. Kinetic analysis - where up to 900 sensors are placed in each shoe so as to measure the forces, moments, pressures and loading times.
  3. 3D analysis - where advanced infra-red motion capture systems are used to recreate a digital model of the patient so that highly detailed quantitative data is obtained.

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