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FAQ - Surgery

Is surgery painful?

Most patients comment on how little pain they experience after their operation. There is no discomfort at all for many hours after surgery due to the use of long acting local anaesthetic. Most patients find the injections involved with surgery less painful than dental injections.

Will I have local or general anaesthetic?

Many patients have surgery under local anaesthetic (whilst awake). This is generally the safest form of anaesthesia. General anaesthetic is also available.

I dislike the look of my feet. Do you undertake cosmetic surgery?

Many patients are very concerned about the appearance of their feet and the centre specialises not only in resolving pain but also in surgery to achieve a normal looking foot. Patients often request surgery to improve the length and alignment of their toes and this is often carried out under local anaesthetic.

Do you have any further information about podiatric surgery and the risks associated with surgery?

The centre has produced a booklet about podiatric surgery. You can download a copy here.