FAQ - Footwear
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FAQ - Footwear

Which sports shoes or trainers are best for my feet?

A number of sports shoes are available which have specialised features to control abnormally functioning feet. Those individuals with flat feet are often best suited to a stability trainer and the Centre would be happy to make appropriate recommendations during a consultation.

Some shoe manufacturers make all sorts of claims about their shoes and the Centre does see many patients with "shoe inflicted" injury. It is therefore important to get this essential piece of equipment right!

The Centre regularly tests different trainers to determine which is the most effective for their patients.

Can I wear orthoses with sandals?

Orthoses can be worn with sandals have insoles which have removable insoles which can then be replaced by our custom orthoses. A small section of Velcro will keep the orthoses in place. Suitable sandals can be purchased from the London Podiatry Centre. Please contact the Centre for more information.

Are flip-flops good or bad for my feet?

This type of footwear is not ideal for feet as it offers very little support. Toes tend to "claw" as a result and the soft nature of the sole material often distorts very easily. Ladies who wear higher heels throughout the winter are more susceptible to injury if they then convert to a flat flip-flop for summer, because their calf muscles may not be able to tolerate the sudden increase in tension. This can lead to a variety of symptoms including plantar fasciitis (heel pain) and Achilles tendon injuries and back pain.

The "fit-flop" pictured below offers certain advantages including a more substantial heel and this shoe is therefore recommended over conventional flip flops.

The Fit-Flop

How the bones in your feet respond to high heels