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Verruca surgery

Verrucae can be one of the most frustrating of conditions with many patients attended the Centre having had all manner of treatments at other locations. The Centre has a straight forward approach to the management of these virally induced skin lesions. Often, cryosurgery is undertaken (if not done so before) and patients routinely receive a nerve block so that the procedure can be undertaken in a painless manner.

If effective cryosurgery (some practitioners are too conservative with this treatment) has proven unsuccessful then surgery can be considered either in the form a procedure known as controlled depth excision, or full thickness excision where the wound is sutured closed. Various plastic surgery techniques are utilised to minimise the risk of painful scar formation. The exact type of the surgery depends on the nature, size and location of the verrucae. Patients can send pictures of their foot to the Centre for a preliminary opinion.

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Verruca on a patient's heel

Verruca on heel