Hip & back pain
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Common conditions affecting the hip include arthritis, sciatica, trochanteric bursitis and iliotibial band syndrome. Conditions such as this are caused by biomechanical imbalances readily identified at the Centre using in-depth biomechanical assessment and gait analysis.

One common reason for hip related symptoms is the presence of a leg length discrepancy and the Centre often receives referrals where such imbalances are specifically assessed and treated. Apart from using clinical methods, the Centre also uses advanced x-ray technology to accurately measure leg length discrepancies. Treatment includes specialist orthoses and footwear modification.

The connection between compromised back function and foot and leg mal-alignment is well documented. In most cases back pain is caused, at least in part, by the presence of abnormal biomechanical forces. At The London Podiatry Centre detailed biomechanical assessment and gait analysis is undertaken to diagnose misalignments, so that effective treatment can be expedited.

A multitude of biomechanical deficiencies ranging from restricted great toe motion to abnormalities in hip alignment and knee position can all result in increased stress on the spine. The centre is often asked to provide an opinion on the presence of leg length differences and offers a range of treatment strategies to treat low back pain. This includes specialised orthoses, rehabilitation programmes and specialised footwear and shoe adaptation.

One mechanism which can lead to back pain is known as sagittal plane restriction. In this instance, normal forward progression of the body is impeded so leading to muscle fatigue and core weakness. Examples include functional "locking" of the great-toe joint and restrictions within the ankle joint. These restrictions can be subtle and may not be picked up without in-depth analysis and gait studies. The centre works closely with rehabilitation specialists and doctors to ensure that any patient presenting with back pain is treated in a holistic, effective manner. Orthotic therapy can play a key role in treating back pain and many patients with flat feet suffer from the condition.

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This is an example of excessive hip drop during running has caused symptoms in this athlete.

No hip drop

No hip drop

Hip drop

Hip drop

The centre is able to analyse back function in detail. Here complex analysis of the pelvic and hip is demonstrated.

Pelvis and hip study

The skeleton is a true 3d reconfiguration of the patient. There is a clear imbalance in pelvic rotation.

Pelvis and hip study skeleton