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A bunion is a deformity of the great toe joint where the 1st toe drifts towards the lesser toes. Usually, a prominent "bump" forms on the inside of the foot as a consequence of the joint becoming more prominent. Often, the smaller neighbouring toes drift out of position and this is often an indication of when surgery should be considered to avoid the development of a more extensive forefoot deformity.

When the bunion presses on shoes, then the only solution is wider shoes or surgical correction. When pain arises within the great toe joint, then specialised insoles, various types of injection and shoe modification can be undertaken.

Bunion surgery

This patient had identical toe deformities on each foot and opted to have the left, more painful foot operated on first. The left foot has been surgically corrected at the Centre.

The patient was able to walk immediately after her operation and no cast was required.

Complex bunion surgery

In this instance the patients bunion deformity was complicated by mid foot arthritis and more extensive surgery was required which included fusion of joints in the centre of the foot.

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A typical result

Before surgery:

Bunion before surgery

After surgery:

Bunion after surgery