Ankle pain
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Ankle pain

The causes of ankle pain are many and varied. In many instances, diagnosis can be made using the Centre's advanced ultrasound scanner. In other instances MRI and ankle arthroscopy is required to diagnose the problem accurately.

Symptoms are often due to the injury of tendons surrounding the ankle joint although other causes include arthritis, ligaments sprains and nerve related pain. The vast majority of patients respond well to conservative treatment.

Many patients, particularly those active in sports attend the Centre complaining of chronic ankle instability. Often, the problem can be treated conservatively with appropriate rehabilitation, footwear advice and specialised braces.

Ankle surgery

The London Podiatry Centre offers a full and extensive range of procedures for the ankle. The tendons surrounding the ankle sometimes become inflamed, requiring specialist ultrasound guided injections. In other instances the tendons require surgery to repair or remove abnormal fibrous tissue so that they can function normally again. The tendons and soft tissue structures may be injured because of an abnormality in bony architecture/shape. In such cases the bones will be operated on to re-align the foot so that the tendons can function normally.

Operations of the ankle including tendon lengthening and tightening is often required during flat foot surgery which is also offered at the centre.

Key hole surgery (arthroscopy) is offered through the centre and this is particularly useful for the treatment ankle joint problems.

Some patients repeatedly turn their ankles due to ligament damage. When conservative treatment fails, the centre uses corrective surgical techniques to repair the damaged ligaments which have led to instability. Surgery can often be performed under local anaesthetic.

Achilles tendon

In most cases pathology of the Achilles tendon can be treated without surgery. Various forms of injection including "high volume techniques" can be utilised prior to considering surgery. At times though, the problem can become chronic and surgery is advised. This can consist of removal of the fibrosed damaged tissue around the tendon and repair of any tears or diseased fibres. Surgery can often be performed under local anaesthetic on a day care basis.

The London Podiatry Centre also offers shockwave therapy for the effective management of achilles tendon pain. This is a non-invasive technique with an excellent success rate. See our shockwave therapy page for further information.

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An ultrasound guided injection to treat ankle artritis.

Injection to treat ankle arthritis

These types of injections are generally performed after a nerve block so that the procedure is painless. Various types of injections are available including hyaluronic acid injections which often prove effective for arthritic joints.

The Richie Brace

The Richie Brace